2019 Canopy Courses

Our members asked, and we listened!  In 2019 the WSN wants to support women in reaching their canopy goals.  In support of this mission we have partnered with Jeannie Batholomew of Team Alter Ego Fastrax to offer women-only canopy courses at dropzones all over the US!

These camps usually cost $150.  The WSN will provide $50 of financial support to every woman who attends, bringing your cost down to just $100 + jump tickets!  Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today by contacting Jeannie at info@thealteregoproject.com. 

All experience levels are welcome!

Current 2019 Course Schedule
February 8th, Skydive Deland, FL
March 1st, Skydive City, FL
April 11th, Skydive Lonestar, TX
April 20th, Skydive Orange, VA
April 26th, Skydive Sebastian, FL
May 3rd, Skydive Kansas City, MO
May 10th, West Tennessee Skydiving, TN
June 14th, Skydive Midwest, WI
July 5th, Start Skydiving, OH

September 15th, Skydive Orange, VA

September 27th, Jumptown Skydiving, MA

October 11th, Skydive California, CA

More courses will be announced throughout the season as Jeannie travels the competition circuit.  Visit our Facebook Events page for current listings.

About Jeannie

Jeannie Bartholomew has been jumping since 2006 and competing in canopy piloting competitions since 2011.  She has won medals in several disciplines at national and international events and has set several women's speed and distance records.  She set the current US Women's distance record in 2018.  She has been teaching canopy courses for several years and is the owner of The Alter Ego Project, LLC.  You can reach her at info@thealteregoproject.com.


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