Mobile Mentors

Cindy Stroup, FS

Cindy learned to skydive at West Plains Skydiving in eastern Washington in 2006. She moved to Florida four years ago and spends most of the year there, but summers are spent at West Plains where she works as an AFF-I and Coach. She has been a member of the WSN since the beginning and joined the Mobile Mentor team in November 2018. She has participated in women's state records in WA and FL. Cindy's accomplishments include earning USPA's Chesley H. Judy award in recognition of safety, and she is one of the founders of the Dirty Pirate Hookers. Cindy has a Masters degree in Nursing and is currently enrolled in IPEC for her Life Coach certification. Her biggest passions are skydiving and mentoring less experienced jumpers, scuba diving, reading, love of animals, and of course her husband Ed.


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