Mobile Mentors

The WSN's Mobile Mentors Program sends talented female jumpers to host events at dropzones and tunnels around the country.  Our Mentors have organized records, skills camps, boogies, and more.  Most events include free coaching for women who attend.


Our Mentors are trained by Christy Frikken and JaNette Lefkowitz, two of the most accomplished female skydivers in the country.  Mentors leave our training courses armed with incredible coaching skills and access to materials developed by SDC Rhythm XP and Fury Coaching.  These courses are offered twice a year each for our FS and Tunnel Mentor programs.


If you'd like to see a Mobile Mentor event at your local DZ or tunnel, or are interested in becoming a Mentor yourself, reach out to us at

Meet the Mentors!

We currently have Mentors operating all over the country.  The list below is divided by USPA region so you can easily find a Mentor close to you.  Click on any Mobile Mentor's picture to learn more about her.

Pacific Region
Central Region
Mountain Region
Southeast Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Eastern Region
Southern Region

Supported by the Women's Skydiving Leadership Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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