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Women are underrepresented in skydiving, with only 13% of USPA members being female.  When we consider instructional ratings holders (Coach, AFF-I, and T-I) that number drops to just 9%. 

The WSN believes that having more women in instructional positions across the country will play an important role in retaining more female jumpers.  We also want to help woman earn their ratings and achieve their professional skydiving goals.  Therefore, in 2019 we are offering scholarships to women seeking their USPA Coach and Tandem ratings!

All WSN-sponsored courses will be taught by Angie Aragon, WSN Course Director and owner of USPACourses.com.  Visit her website for full details as well as listings for all the courses she will be hosting this season at dropzones around the country.
  Application links are available below.


Send any questions about scholarship opportunities and applications

to courtney@womeninskydiving.org.

Tandem Courses

Are you ready for your tandem rating?  The WSN is here to help you make your dream a reality!  We will award twelve scholarships to qualified candidates in 2019.  Three women will receive $1,200 and nine will receive $600.  Candidates can use their scholarships to participate in any Tandem course run by Angie in the 2019 season.  For full details about these Tandem courses please visit Angie's webpage.


May 16-19, Skydive Perris

May 23-26, Skydive Deland

June 27-30, Skydive Chicago

August 5-8, Skydive Chicago

August 22-25, Paraclete XP (ALL-FEMALE COURSE)

August 29-September 1, Skydive Deland

September 12-15, Skydive Chicago

October 17-20, Skydive Perris

Coach Courses

Join us for one of our all-female Coach courses! Each event starts with a one day pre-course designed to help you build your skills and give you the confidence you need to earn your rating.  Candidates who complete a scholarship application will receive $100 to cover the cost of coaching during the pre-course.  For full details about these Coach courses please visit Angie's webpage.

May 2-5, Skydive Perris
August 15-18, Skydive Paraclete XP
September 5-8, Skydive Chicago
October 3-6, Skydive Perris

About Angie

Angie began skydiving in August of 2006 and has been working professionally in the sport since 2010.  She has approximately 6,000 skydives, including 2,500+ handicam tandems on the SIGMA system, 1,400+ video jumps, and 1,600+ Accelerated Free Fall Instructor jumps with civilian, military and high profile students.  She became an FAA Senior Rigger in 2014 and in 2016 she earned her USPA Coach Examiner and UPT & USPA Tandem Examiner Ratings. Angie started USPACourses.com in 2017 and offers Coach and Tandem courses nationally and internationally.  She is currently serving as the Course Director for the WSN and looks forward to helping you get rated!


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