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ShawnaRae Miliano, FS

ShawnaRae is exuberantly passionate about giving back to the sport and is driven to inspire others to pay it (sky)forward.  She began jumping in 2014 and has 600+ jumps and 30 hours of tunnel time.  She is a USPA Coach, S&TA, and soon to be AFF-I.  When she isn't busy training with Cadence, her 4way FS team, you'll find her in the tunnel or busy working on something and everything in and around skydiving.  She is a single mom of two rambunctiously happy preteens and has been a leader in the WSN since the beginning, previously serving as its Manager until 2017.  ShawnaRae is "mini, but mighty!" and looks forward to empowering you to be the best you can be.


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